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The Cyberspace Portal


The Portail-Cyberspace project is a social community project that promotes freedom of expression in all forms:

or others

Not to mention non-censorship and freedom of expression. The portal wishes above all to offer its members the opportunity to express themselves (and whatever the form mentioned above) without censorship and blocking accounts of members concerned. The idea of ​​the community is not to steal the idea of ​​social networks such as: Yahoo – Myspace – Facebook – Twitter. It will be completely independent of these social networks as we know it today. The advantage of the Cyberspace Portal is that it does not ask the REAL information of its members. Anyone who signs up can write anything to register to preserve their anonymity.

The Portal-Cyberspace is committed to the FREE of the site (EXCEPT for events such as: dinner benefit or other activity.The money raised: 10% at the Portal-cyberspace and 90% at foundations NPO (Non-profit organization) .

NB Members can also donate and this is purely VOLUNTARY.

Targeted clienteles:

Customers aged 16 and over of all races – religions – ethnicities – cities and countries, and finally all types of people aged 16 and over.

Protection and confidentiality:

The is committed to NOT SELL to the marketers, the identity of its members to make an income. It (the portal-cyberspace) is committed to protecting the privacy / identity / respect of people and especially young adults against juvenile pedophilia.

Content of the site:

-Advanced privacy option
-Video by Youtube / Dailymotion
-Internal and external
messaging (with or without webcam) -Journal The Portal
-Profile with a multitude of options
-Help 24/24 7/7
-Volunteer team -No
-Without Application fee
-Access via mobile (iPhone / iPad) (in the future)
cat -Bathroom Webcam
chat -Group
-Promotions artists
and other additions / options may be added during the evolution of the project

Portal-Cyberspace vision:

100% free
100% confidential
100% secure

We do not want to be THE network that detracts from other social networks, but we simply want to have our place in Quebec and that people can feel good without feeling watched and especially sold. Our charter says it well, that even the technical team and the Founder does not have access to the profiles of the members (Screen Copy the out of the foundation of the site to prove that with the configuration of the confidentiality we do not do not have access to people’s profiles). We will do everything to give 100% to our members. The Portal is still very young but has a lot of potential and deserves to be known on all angles.

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