Château Logue owes $ 700,000 to the city of Maniwaki (in the Pontiac)

The Château Logue in Maniwaki (in the Pontiac) is owing nearly $ 700,000 to the municipality of Maniwaki for unpaid taxes since 2006.

According to Mayor Robert Coulombe, the situation is under control and taxpayers are perfectly well protected.

Chateau Logue President Michel Lacroix is ​​also a partner in the city’s accounting audit firm.

The newspaper Le Droit reportedly met former journalist Jean Lacaille who searched the story but could never bring it to light.

According to Mr. Lacaille, a former employee of the Journal La Gatineau, he believes that Michel Lacroix has lobbied hard to avoid publication.

These overdue amounts concern the hotel, the golf course and some other grounds.

This amount alone represents a little less than 10% of the annual budget of the City of Maniwaki.

This figure was confirmed in the newspaper Le Droit on January 21 by the mayor of Maniwaki, Robert Coulombe.

The data is also found in the list of accounts receivable from the municipality.

Another document from the municipality whose data are compiled by the City Treasurer, Dinah Ménard revealed that sums

for the lease of land surrendered to the Château Logue by the City in 2000, would also not have been paid.

It is on this ground that is now located the golf adjoining the Château Logue. The document entitled “Amounts Owed by Michel Lacroix”, dated May 2012,

$ 378,805 unpaid rental fees to the City.

This amount also includes an unpaid amount of $ 18,006 for the use of the bridge built by the municipality to allow golfers to cross the Desert River.

Michel Lacroix is ​​a shareholder and president of the Château Logue Center, as well as the managing partner of the firm responsible for auditing the City of Maniwaki.

If the overdue amount of nearly $ 700,000 is no doubt in everyone’s mind, the one related to the rental fees of the golf course is at the center of a tangle.

According to Mr. Lacroix, this amount would be only $ 140,000. According to some information, this amount in dispute would be the subject of an agreement between Château Logue and the City of Maniwaki.

The amount due would have recently been revised to $ 29,000, according to Mr. Lacroix. The agreement must be confirmed within days, according to Mayor Coulombe.

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