An unusual night in Saint-Armand.

After a day in Montreal.

We arrive in Saint-Armand around 2 am, tired but very happy to arrive at home in absolute calm.

We live in a bird sanctuary.

Wow …

The happiness of the countryside.

We take the time to decompress slowly before going to bed.

But an unusual event was going to upset our night.
Indeed we were going to live a night full of action … ..
In Saint-Armand, a small village near Lake Champlain.
It was the night of panic for our neighbor.
In the middle of the night, just before falling asleep
We hear unusual noises, no horses near the house.
HO …. HO

It is not normal.

I dream.

No … No … Michel

Me too I hear no horses in front of the house.

Odd, the sound of horses in the middle of the night.

With us …

Suddenly, we hear hoofsteps galloping.
On the ground very close to the house.
It’s not normal all these noises in the middle of the night.

The neighing of the horses confirms our apprehension.

The horses of Chantale, our neighbor, are on the run.
Many unexpected noises on this calm night.

There are several, asks Huguette angry?

Yes, I see them all through the window.

Are they still on our land? …

No no

not anymore…


They gallop on the high road.
They are on the run …
They have fun … in the street … like children.
But, there are cars that run 100 kilometers in both directions to customs and to Montreal.

They narrowly avoid them.

But they are still on the road.

Their hooves slam on the road

A music, which challenges us.

Because we anticipate with astonishment what can happen …

A fatal accident is predictable.


Danger of death of thoroughbred horses.

It is not good news.

We must act immediately.

I get dressed quickly …

On a pinotle I go to the neighbor for help.

I come running to inform Jean-Marc.

Huguette on her side urgently calls our neighbor to inform him of the bad news ….

Always a message to the answering machine.

After several unsuccessful attempts.

Finally his son finally takes the call, tired of hearing the phone ring.

Your horses frolic on the road in front of us ….
Quick quick,

We must come join us immediately on the main road.


My mother will go crazy ..

His horses are his children.

I’m going to wake her right now
Michel and Jean-Marc are already in the direction …
OK …. I wake up my mother …

We arrive…. at once.
In emergency, I knock on the door of my friend Jean-Marc.

Jean Marc

Jean-Marc … wake up, we’re in the mard …


Hello …
Always faithful to the post, fortunately he is not lying.
Quick my friend, come with me …
It’s very urgent, Chantale’s horses are on the road.
We will capture them … and bring them back to the stable.
Or ?


How are we going to do that?

I do not know…

We will see on the spot …

We must stop the traffic …
He takes his flashlight and we run in emergency mode on the road.

Jean-Marc as a gazelle is on the road to slow the traffic.
He is successful with his flashlight, his emergency signals made

slow down all traffic.

Everyone stops in an emergency and parks on the side of the road.

It’s like in a movie.

Everyone is making signs with their flashlights to stop

completely the circulation.


I park my car on the side of the road illuminating diagonally so

block traffic to oncoming trucks and cars.

Hoping they understand the situation.

I leave my flashing lights on the car and I open the 4 doors of the car.

I do not know why ?

To block the high road …

I do not know yet why …
Meanwhile, Chantale comes running with her family.
It’s the emergency operation that starts.
The voice cut by the emotion.
Thank you, thank you, my friends …

We must act quickly, we must join the horses immediately.

Follow me in silence …
And we all go to the race to bring the horses trotting

in the middle of the road.
Wow of
YES, the four lanes were quickly blocked.

With our lamps we report the danger to cars and trucks.
Everything is fine.
People quickly understood the importance of the situation.

Jean-Marc is at the front near the horses.

He tries to get around them without frightening them.

He wants to stop the pack and regroup them in the center of the road.

The situation is under control, all traffic is stopped.
The best decision in this situation.
With his flashlight, he told the motorists to stop and come help us identify the horses.
Thanks to him and our quick action with Huguette, who contacted our neighbor,

I believe we have successfully completed this night-life rescue operation.
After 30 minutes only, everything is under control.

We must now bring the horses back to the stable.



Curiously, I wondered how we would proceed for this step?

Not very obvious as situation.

We do not have a trailer.

No lassos ..

Nothing like.

That our flashlights.

But they are all here ..

They look at us with an air of freedom … of happiness …


We are good here…

Why come pick us up …
We’ll go back alone to the stable after our ballad seemed

tell us the leader of the band.
Adrenaline is at its peak …
All traffic is stopped on the road ….
The big trucks were immobilized and incredulous drivers watched with interest.

They get off the trucks …

We move slowly … with flashlights …

Oddly everyone understood the mode of operation.

Silence and slowness were at the rendezvous …

I was flabbergasted by this overview …

See these people who had all understood what to do without explaining to them.


I had goosebumps.

We make a big circle so that the horses do not leave the center of the road ….

The badges … can not believe it ..


Operation rescue in silence …

A unique moment.

Normally everyone gets upset …

Here none of this ..

Gently, our neighbor with remarkable assurance managed to get closer to the horses.

A deathly silence reigns on the road

Everyone has come to understand the importance of the situation.

A misstep … a cry .. a blow of horn and it’s panic ….

The neighbor approaches slowly.

Everyone holds their breath.

Alone in front of the horses …

She speaks to them softly and reassures them.

Approaching again …

They do not move …

They listen carefully …

She’s whispering words that only horses seem to understand.

A moment of suspense …

Time stops…..

A silence of death surrounds this unforgettable scene …


She turns slowly …

She starts walking towards the stable in the middle of the road.

Miraculously and to everyone’s surprise, the horses regrouped

behind Chantale and gently follow her towards the house.

We are all reassured.



We are all taken aback, relieved and happy about the

turn of the situation.

All this happens under the dumbfounded eyes of the motorists present.

The horses were slowly returning to the fold with Chantale in the lead.
The cars followed the caravan of horses, which walked slowly in the middle of the road in the middle of the night.

They followed Chantale.

An incredible scene in the moonlight and under the lighting of the beams of our lamps.
A nocturnal horse parade in Saint-Armand that ends well.

Without incident.

In the silence….

To the relief of everyone.

The return to the stable was without problem and always in silence.

We all saw the scene in our heads.
A beautiful story to tell the children.
An incredible rescue operation.
We were lucky … ..

Very lucky.
Thank you

Everything went quickly and silently.
In order not to frighten the horses on the run.

Chantale asked us to act gently.

It was the right decision.
Our neighbor has kept a tremendous coolness.

She knows her horses very well.
She was very happy to return home with her horses

after this night getaway.

After an interminable and silent embrace of Chantale …

And a lot of emotions ..

A magical moment has settled between us …

Words are useless.

We all went home silently and with tears in our eyes.
Words are missing in such a situation.

I just noticed …

I who can talk without stopping …

I had become dumb … of emotion …
We understand.

The lyrics are useless.

A look is enough.

All is said.

Mission accomplishes.
It is 3:30 in the morning and we go back home for the dodo.
Too much adrenaline to sleep.

Impossible to close the eye.

This is understandable.
I will resume my sleep during the next day.

I decide to read a bit to relax before sleep

come get me.

The next day a friend made the following remark that made me think.

I told him that we got some horses from our neighbor

on the high road at night.

My friend tells me … no Michel, you may have saved lives.

Ha good.

I did not experience this incident from this point of view.
That’s …
An autumn day in the country.

In a bird sanctuary.

In Saint-Armand

My neighbor’s horses on the road in front of the house.
In conclusion, after this nocturnal escapade, my neighbor Chantale tells me …
You know Michel, I think my horses wanted to go see the hay

from the surrounding area to check the quality of the harvests of the year.

They are all back because the harvest will be extraordinary at home.

Have always come back home when are well …

Excellent sense of humor, our neighbor Chantale.

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